venerdì 19 novembre 2010

World Travel Expo, Assisi 2010

Assisi, busy day today at the first WTE. Today started the first edition of the World Travel Expo. An Expo in which many Sites belonging to UNESCO's World Heritage List took part. Busy but very interesting. Besides the expo during the conference the speeches of the delegates where about sustainable tourism and slow destination. This has ended the first day of the World Tourism Expo, in Assisi. An initiative that has involved, national, regional and local authorities and more than 20 Italian and foreign exhibitors had the opportunity to present proposals for excursions of UNESCO's list sites.

Here a little video of the day.

The conference on tourism and cultural sustainability has emerged with clear notes to maintain the excellence of UNESCO, but also to enhance them in a perspective of sustainability.

Travellers and more and more interested in experiential initiative and they expect to travel and need more tailor made responses. Emotional impact is needed in order to match new travellers needs.

Much satisfaction was expressed by participants in the initiative.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani