venerdì 22 ottobre 2010

Destination's e-Business analysis

Dear Friends and Follower,

now I got found some great slides about destination e-business, which I have the pleasure to share with You.

These slides approve and submit my thesis and my first report on 'e-IAT.

I congratulate the authors

Destination Management, I believe, will be the framework that will govern the management of tourist destinations of success in the near future.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

Tourist Info Test Web 2.0 - Report - soon on English too

Dear Friends and Followers,

here I have written the fist Report of the Web 2.0 Test applied to the tourist office of the destination I manage.

The report will be presented on Saturday at the first Italian Hospitality Meeting in Lazise, province of Verona on the 16th October 2010. So the ones who are able to read this report before, are lucky because websurfer. Tomorrow I have to drive to reach, Lazise, so I had to post it right today. Tomorrow I have no time available, and on Sunday the show goes on.

I have to ask You all a favour, don't copy and paste the post before the 16 October afternoon. Let me present it first. Thank you in advance.

All rights are reserved and You can free the rights by quoting the author.

Thank You all !!

Destination Manager
Omero Mnariani

mercoledì 13 ottobre 2010

The new traveller...

" ...At a time when customers have ceased to trust brands; when they favor the recommendations of friends and peers over the exhortations of sales personnel;

and when they can research a producer’s claims or compare supplier’s prices on their mobiles as they walk to the check out stand, loyalty cannot be bought.

It can only be earned through assiduous attention to detail, through rigorous honesty, through genuine respect for the customer’s intelligence and through genuine"

quote from: Tourism Internet Marketing 2.0.

I do agree totally, now I got even a quote on what for a long time has been just my perception.

Think over !!

Destination Manager
Omero Mariani

lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Terni's " Notte Bianca ", rather is better than nothing

Photo courtesy, Fiorella Chiappelli

Terni ON, the issue "zero" of the Notte Bianca (all night long street entertainement) has boomed

The market said yes to the test.

Of course we knew that the format of the white night was spot-on, but organize it in a hurry has aroused the fears of many, including myself.

Too little time to communicate it all over the Region.

But it was the edition "zero".

It was necessary to feel the reactivity index of the public and shops.

Both have said "yes."

And everyone saw that Terni is alive. (Dozing under the veil of indifference, but when the tease with the ideas and initiatives the city says yes).

The City always responds!

One thing to be taken into account for the next edition.

Chapeau and reason to those who have believed from the start!

Moreover, the old adage proves that Rather is better than nothing Rather! And it's true!

DM - Omero Mariani