venerdì 24 ottobre 2008

Cascata delle Marmore/Marmore Falls

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DM - Residenza d'Epoca una nuova forma di ospitalità/ di lusso/ Historical Residence Luxury Hospitality

Hallo,I'd like just ot present You a new way to luxury hospitality.

If You are looking for a new concept of Hospitality let's have a look at these Historical Residences in Umbria.

These facilities are certified by a Panel of Professor of the University of Perugia.
Charming location, excellent furniture, marvellous atmosphere.
Ideal for MICE, Relax, Honey Mooners and Weddings

Let's have a look at these first selection and please let me have your opinion


San Pietro in Valle
Posta Donini
Dimora Storica
Castello dell'Oscano
Castello Monterone
San Pietro Resort
Eremo delle Grazie
Madonna di Costantinopoli

Have You see what I am talking about. Do You feel any business idea with them. I am sure Yes, let me know your impressions...

Omero Mariani
Destination Manager