giovedì 20 agosto 2009

Google Insights Search helps networking

Great tool: Google Insights for Search, great tool which allows to analyse the trend of online searches conducted on the engine of Google. Through Google Insights for Search, you can get an idea of popular searches, comparing the popularity of a search in relation to another and, in general, have a look at the "spirit of the times" that transpires from what people are looking for on web. So you can set "tag" according the most researched words.

The new version of Insights also offers some additional services compared to the previous, now You can check words that are expected to be researched in the next future. On historical trend and using the new animated feature of the maps is now possible to see how the interest in certain words has evolved over time. You can see how languages influence the research, so pay attention on setting your tags, think ‘ webbish ‘ i.e. Travel is used in UK, USA, CANADA, AFRICA AND SOUTH AFRICA and not by Europeans, Tourism is chosen mostly in South east Africa, Australia and Asia; for my Italian friends Tour Operator is used only in Italy,
So dear Friends starting from me on we have to repositioning our tags.

Insights is a great tool in support of search advertising, it allows to develop and refine the keywords used in online campaigns, to analyse economic trends, to look on the costume and language use.

Insights gives you a large range of possible interest referred to a particular time (the "forecasts" offers a look at the trends for different searches), You have a look on an animated world map and comparative diagrams incorporate into their websites (any graph generated with Insights for Search can be published so easy on the pages of any site).

The performance trends of research (you can type more keywords separated by comma for compare the performance of several terms of popularity), discover the diversity of interests in different geographical areas (you can see the difference in interest in a certain topic in different countries, cities or regions), see the related searches and the most successful in growth (you can see which related to your searches are most popular and which are growing in popularity):

Last but not least you can refine searches by category (you can view the most popular searches in a particular category).

The only think you cannot do I to remain still in front of this exceptional tool

For More info Google Insights

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

sabato 8 agosto 2009


Now it's true in Dubai. In UAE now the tallest building of the world. " Burj Dubaj " On the 25th July 2007 the aspiration turned into realty.

This represents the dream of men to have built the tallest tower in the World or as it is mentioned in web " the world's higest aspiration ".

Here in Dubai, in this Tower will be housed the first Armani Fashion Hotel and Residences. A new way to luxury travel. Armani's style in home furnshing such as Casa Armani, made of clean lines, praticality and elegance, will give the italian touch of elegance to this ultra-luxury Hotel and Residences.

For More info: Burjdubai

Destination Manager
Dott. Omero Mariani

martedì 4 agosto 2009

Tourist Trends: East Europe worse than West

European Travel Commission dissaminate information on the European tourism trends in the second quarter 2009. The number of international visitors to the continent, in the period, decreased by 10% and most of the countries has dropped, with the worst performance in Central and Eastern Europe.

Double-digit decreases were recorded, in fact, from Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Lithuania and Russia, but also Portugal and Spain are in decline, with arrivals at minus 12 and minus 14%.

The main cause of decline in these cases, seems to be, the fall in arrivals from Great Britain.

But there are exceptions such as Iceland, which, thanks to favorable exchange rate in the first quarter 2009 reported an increase.

For more information link to the source European Travel Commission

Destination Manager ( DMO )
Dr. Omero Mariani