lunedì 21 dicembre 2009

Xmas Concert, Ave Maria, Soprano F. Grechi

Hi Friends,

let me give you another present for Xmas, a traditional holy song, AVE MARIA, Gounod, performed by the soprano Francesca Grechi.
Location,the franziscan Church of the " Sacro Cuore " in Terni.
The clip aims to give You the righ feeling of Xmas atmosphere in Terni.
Enjoy it...

Destination Manager
Dott. Omero Mariani

sabato 19 dicembre 2009

Xmas Concert Nessun Dorma

Hi Friends,
here I am again, with some ideas to promote my destination, the City of Terni, City of Saint Valentine.
In this occasion I will present to your attention the Opera tradition with a particulare perfomance of the Tenor Paolo Macedonio, singing in the franziscan Church of the " Sacro Cuore " the Holy Heart, in front of the main Altar and the Nativity.
Chistmas is one of the best times to visit Umbria and Terni of course.
Enjoyt the clip...

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

venerdì 18 dicembre 2009

Merry Xmas personal video wish

Dear Friends, genious ideas, broughte me to realise that videomarketing will be soon the new fronteer on which compete... so I will give you on this way my personal Merry Christmas... Listen to me...

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

domenica 13 dicembre 2009

Chirstmas Market in Terni

Dear Friends and Followers,

As I said few steps before, in my previous post, destinatin manager need to realise new products in order to compete on the Global Market.
For Christmas time, the tourist comptetion move mainly on Christmas Markets, which should become particular and evocative.
Managing the destination we need to improve emotion wiht genious ideas, so we build during the Years, the Biggest Xmas Star of Europe, the Comet, we arrange several Xmas Markets, and now we would like to animate this with sounds of Christmas.
Melodies and Sounds of Xmas goes in this direction. Tourist and You will tell us if we were able to achieve our goals.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

M&S, Edlar in Winter

For the international market, it's very important to create evocative atmosheres in Xmas Market in order to underline the value of Xmas, the emotional impact of being there, and compete in the global Market.
Xmas Market are set mostly in North Europe, but Xmas is celebrated almost all over
the world, we need emotion in oder to make a difference.
Thus we created Melodies and Sounds of Xmas.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani