giovedì 2 dicembre 2010


THINK TANK 2010 Umbria, Todi

It has just ended three days ago the Think Tank of the Umbria in the 5th Workshop of the Thematic Discussion of Tourism held in the historical location of the Palazzo del Vignola Todi November 24th to 27th

The object of study was. "Quality and Tourism responding today to the challenges of tomorrow "

The audience of experts, who composed the intelligence of the Think Tank has been selected by the Region of Umbria to suit skills and experience. The most interesting thing was that the delegates have been selected not only as the representatives of the sector but also in other sectors [ie municipal police commander] and organizations that influence the experience of the traveler, even in an "indirect." Way [The Normann's constellation value].

Coordinated by Professor Sandro Formica, associate professor of Florida International University, who after an hour of briefing on the format of the Think Tank called experts to break with the past and plan the future leveraging is likely to be as the evolution of the system here in the next 5 years.

The 6 tables were designed to discuss various topics assigned, coordinated by an expert selected by the professor, whose results in turn were synthesized and collected in giant leaves and ideally a hanging wall for the vote of all the experts participating in the think tank. Were selected only those subjects who collected the majority consensus of the participants and the debate that arose, he admitted only additions approved unanimously. Was thus created a share on total goals.

The method involved the analysis of force [trends] that will impact tourism and the destination, the analysis of the impact of forces on the tourism sector, developing the strategy and identification of competences.

The interactive seminar, was to flush out the moving targets have not yet come into being and define future scenarios, at a glance:

1. identification of the forces that affect the tourism sector
2. estimate the impact and timing of forces in the preceding paragraph
3. create competitive methods that are based only on points 1 and 2
4. identifying the new basic skills that will be needed to develop competitive methods

The examined FORCES

• Environmental policy statement
• Social-cultural environment
• Environment Technology
• Environment and sustainable ecological

Where the word environment was conceived in its broadest sense.
The results of the two days were summarized by night staff coordinated and presented by Professor Formica Saturday 27 to the authorities and business operators, for the 5th Seminar on Tourism, organized by the Region of Umbria

In summary these are the objectives

1. The establishment of a Destination Management Organization (DMO) to process the Governance
2. The creation of a Destination Management System (DMS) management system of the destination, similar to a portal, but much more complex structure
3. The implementation of the Green Network: environmentally sustainable mobility, energy conservation and Carbon Free Citadel (both very interesting and strategic for Terni, in my opinion)
4. The design of an e-TRAVELMATE traveling companion and the development of Augmented Reality applications already used by Smartphones
5. You - Umbria, playing with words to YouTube, the realization of a control room for the management and development of events in Umbria.

And much more is revealed during the course of the think tank and within all the material must be synthesized into formal planning documents. The presentation slides have not yet been published.

The undersigned, as well as making available its thirty years experience in the sector, specifically by failing to provide its contribution in relation to the development of tourism linked to the new Web 2.0-based technologies already available.

At the end of the meeting raised the idea that was immediately taken to establish a working group called THINK TANK UMBRIA 2010, using the digital platform made available by Facebook, which have been fed and are flowing as well as the President of the Region of Umbria Hon Catiuscia Marini, Councillor Fabrini, Sonia Berrettini, even the most expert who participated in the Think Tank, the logic is to continue in the experience of permanent think tank format and to network in an optical system development to prepare the ground for the next appointment. In computer jargon is called Enterprise 2.0

Multimedia communication that technology provides has been widely debated during the course of the think tank, but even more was the generation of the value that produces the same to exploit the full potential emerged in the communications field. The images have been widely used during the course of the final presentation, and increased, enhancing the impact of communication effectiveness of the presentation.
A small example is also from this report.

(to watch the video yet it must be registered).

Friendly Yours,

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

venerdì 19 novembre 2010

World Travel Expo, Assisi 2010

Assisi, busy day today at the first WTE. Today started the first edition of the World Travel Expo. An Expo in which many Sites belonging to UNESCO's World Heritage List took part. Busy but very interesting. Besides the expo during the conference the speeches of the delegates where about sustainable tourism and slow destination. This has ended the first day of the World Tourism Expo, in Assisi. An initiative that has involved, national, regional and local authorities and more than 20 Italian and foreign exhibitors had the opportunity to present proposals for excursions of UNESCO's list sites.

Here a little video of the day.

The conference on tourism and cultural sustainability has emerged with clear notes to maintain the excellence of UNESCO, but also to enhance them in a perspective of sustainability.

Travellers and more and more interested in experiential initiative and they expect to travel and need more tailor made responses. Emotional impact is needed in order to match new travellers needs.

Much satisfaction was expressed by participants in the initiative.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

venerdì 22 ottobre 2010

Destination's e-Business analysis

Dear Friends and Follower,

now I got found some great slides about destination e-business, which I have the pleasure to share with You.

These slides approve and submit my thesis and my first report on 'e-IAT.

I congratulate the authors

Destination Management, I believe, will be the framework that will govern the management of tourist destinations of success in the near future.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

Tourist Info Test Web 2.0 - Report - soon on English too

Dear Friends and Followers,

here I have written the fist Report of the Web 2.0 Test applied to the tourist office of the destination I manage.

The report will be presented on Saturday at the first Italian Hospitality Meeting in Lazise, province of Verona on the 16th October 2010. So the ones who are able to read this report before, are lucky because websurfer. Tomorrow I have to drive to reach, Lazise, so I had to post it right today. Tomorrow I have no time available, and on Sunday the show goes on.

I have to ask You all a favour, don't copy and paste the post before the 16 October afternoon. Let me present it first. Thank you in advance.

All rights are reserved and You can free the rights by quoting the author.

Thank You all !!

Destination Manager
Omero Mnariani

mercoledì 13 ottobre 2010

The new traveller...

" ...At a time when customers have ceased to trust brands; when they favor the recommendations of friends and peers over the exhortations of sales personnel;

and when they can research a producer’s claims or compare supplier’s prices on their mobiles as they walk to the check out stand, loyalty cannot be bought.

It can only be earned through assiduous attention to detail, through rigorous honesty, through genuine respect for the customer’s intelligence and through genuine"

quote from: Tourism Internet Marketing 2.0.

I do agree totally, now I got even a quote on what for a long time has been just my perception.

Think over !!

Destination Manager
Omero Mariani

lunedì 4 ottobre 2010

Terni's " Notte Bianca ", rather is better than nothing

Photo courtesy, Fiorella Chiappelli

Terni ON, the issue "zero" of the Notte Bianca (all night long street entertainement) has boomed

The market said yes to the test.

Of course we knew that the format of the white night was spot-on, but organize it in a hurry has aroused the fears of many, including myself.

Too little time to communicate it all over the Region.

But it was the edition "zero".

It was necessary to feel the reactivity index of the public and shops.

Both have said "yes."

And everyone saw that Terni is alive. (Dozing under the veil of indifference, but when the tease with the ideas and initiatives the city says yes).

The City always responds!

One thing to be taken into account for the next edition.

Chapeau and reason to those who have believed from the start!

Moreover, the old adage proves that Rather is better than nothing Rather! And it's true!

DM - Omero Mariani

sabato 11 settembre 2010

XXIX Flagplayers National Parade, Terni

Dear Friends and Followers,

let me spend some more words to introduce You this Medival Parade. More than 21 team challenged for the italian national award: the best single flagplayer.
Medival Musicians played music of bygone time and the atmoshpere was sparkling. People enjoyed the show along the streets. This year I have been able to catch the location, by organising this event in my town. In the future who knows.

Friendly Yours,

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

sabato 26 giugno 2010

venerdì 18 giugno 2010

MICE, Meeting in Umbria Workshop

Opening ceremony this morning in Perugia, with a meeting at Palazzo Donini, the third edition of 'Meeting in Umbria - Umbria Travel MICE Exchange conference to which take part sixty tour operators from all over Italy, and twenty-two operators in Umbria.

'Umbria - said the regional minister for tourism and culture Fabrizio Bracco during the meeting - as well as facilities for congress, offers the added value of an area in which you combine art and culture, history, traditions, environment, landscape, food and wine.'' The offer is rich and varied and that 'can express the soul of Umbria, its' way of living ' according the ' claim ' chosen to promote the unity ot the region. This was also emphasized in the speeches of the Tourist councillor of the Province of Perugia Roberto Bertini, and by the councilor for economic development and tourism of the Municipality of Perugia Lomurno Joseph, and by City councillor for and Valentinians Events Valentinians of Terni Dr. Roberto Fabrini and by the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia, George Mencaroni.

Mr. Cimicchi introduced the works, Chief Executive of the Umbrian Tourist Board: " tourism in general and in particular and MICE - 'was said during the meeting - passed through a not flourishing period. Italian Data Centre of MICE showed a decline in average stay of delegates in the various destinations. this i, due to the reduced budget available to promoters and participants. The presence of Umbria indicates, however, that the ability 'and attention to the needs of the market is still rich, particullary in MICE.''

'Meeting in Umbria', which will end 'June 20th, and' was organized by the Tourist promotion board in collaboration with The Region of Umbria, Foundation of Bank Cassa di Risparmio Perugia, Perugia Municipality and the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

martedì 8 giugno 2010

e-IAT: L'informazione turistica corre sul Web 2.0 ©®

Ogni viaggio inizia con Google. Quasi non ce ne accorgiamo ma la la prima informazione turistica che si cerca presuppone automaticamente l'accesso ad Internet. L'importanza dello strumento e la rapidità con la quale si diffonde ha modificato sostanzialmente le modalità di ricerca dell'informazione turistica. Ma siamo pronti ?

Internet in generale e il blogging, in particolare, hanno ampliato il mercato delle idee nella comunità globale. Incoraggiando la discussione e la collaborazione, a contribuire alla rapida identificazione di situazioni che devono essere affrontate, in tutti i settori, tra cui in modo sostanziale ed irreversibile nel settore turistico.

Più in generale, il blogging e, micro blogging è il prossimo passo in un processo di promozione della informazione che dalla radio alla TV si muove verso servizi di internet tipo Facebook, Twitter, Youtube e similari.

L'ampiezza e la profondità della blogsfera mette a disposizione, a costi contenuti, sofisticati strumenti di informazione e particolari esperienze. Commenti, follow-up, post e likes permettono di usufruire di idee originali che debbono essere raffinate e perfezionate e si stanno diffondendo in tutto il mondo con rapidità sbalorditiva. Ciò da un potere ai blog, che TV e Radio non hanno. Un blogger può pubblicare un commento, una recensione un post e, in pochi minuti, centinaia di persone possono rispondere e condividere la stessa impressione o opinione.

Tutto questo converge in una nuova tendenza guidata dalla blogsfera: la globalizzazione della libertà di dire, porta ad una consumatore/turista più consapevole, più esigente, più informato, più pretenzioso. Come guadagnare flussi turistici con i blog tradizionali, come fare opinione, come informare, come orientare le scelte dei turisti in modo libero e spontaneo. Ecco la sfida che, senza una autorità, senza il controllo dei media, continuerà a crescere al di là della portata dei confini, delle destinazioni e dei mercati.

Sorti ed ipotizzati nel 1999 nel Web hanno trovato implementazione i principi di e-marketing riassunti nel Cluetrain Manifesto, ossia 95 tesi che cercando di riadattare il marketing classico al marketing on line sono state prese a modello come nuovo riferimento per adattare le tecniche dei Siti Web. Riportiamo qui brevemente i principi salienti: “ Storicamente, affermano gli autori, il mercato era un luogo in cui persone si riunivano e parlavano tra loro (tesi 1): potevano discutere dei prodotti disponibili, del prezzo, della reputazione e in tal modo si tenevano in contatto con gli altri (tesi 2-5). Gli autori quindi affermano che Internet fornisce un mezzo per chiunque sia connesso a Internet per rientrare in un siffatto mercato virtuale e, ancora una volta, raggiungere un tale livello di comunicazione tra le persone. Questo, nell'era dei mass media , prima di Internet, non era possibile (tesi 6)”.

Senza entrare nello specifico e senza affermare che tutto sarà diverso, certamente si può per asserire che alcuni sostanziali modifiche ai comportamenti tra Azienda/Consumatore si possono già registrare, ciò vale anche per il settore turistico. Si pensi alla rivoluzione delle compagnie Low cost e ai Check In negli aeroporti, che possono essere fatte comodamente dal telefonino di terza generazione, e-booking, e-ticketing, e-check-in sono modalità che si vanno diffondendo sempre di più.

Ne deriva che pertanto la prossima generazione dei siti e blog saranno più orientati all'interazione con gli utenti/clienti/turisti. Non informazione tout court, piatta, ma informazione interattiva con commenti, post e recensioni ad eventi e servizi turistici in tempo reale,ivi incluso il booking on line e il reportage del viaggio e la vacanza da parte del turista fruitore.

Fenomeno che durante il corso del 2009 esplode con l'affermazione dei social media e degli applicativi Web 2.0, che hanno registrato un crescita esponenziale e inarrestabile che perdura ancora di centinaia e centinaia di milioni di persone. Le regole del marketing turistico stanno per essere riscritte in base alle nuove esigenze che questa silenziosa e spontanea rivoluzione mediatica.

Si richiama in merito che il marketing turistico dopo aver per decenni fatto leva sulle vecchie e famose “ 4P “ Prodotto-Prezzo-Posizionamento-Promozione del marketing classico sposta la propria attenzione alle 4C dall'inglese customer value (valore del cliente) -costo-comunicazione -commodity (bene di largo e generale consumo) fino a pervenire oggi alle 4C più due 2S come computer-comunicazione-content-consumatore-system-service nuovo paradigma per l'approccio al Web 2,0 come presentato di recente presso il MIP Università di Milano con il prof-guru Mr. Kotler e professore Giuliano Noci (A.Kornfeind)

Da una primissima osservazione e analisi si può già asserire che il Il Web sociale (social web) ha spostato l'esperienza online dalla funzione di ricerca di news da parte del consumatore, a creare, il collegamento e lo scambio di informazioni ed esperienze tra gli utenti e tra questi con l'azienda ed istituzioni.

Ieri i turisti più passivi oggi navigatori interattivi del Web ed essi stesi generatori di contenuti di siti (UGC user generated content, es. Tripadvisor)

Il turista è diventato collaboratore, commentatore, reporter di viaggi e vacanze ed il suo strumento di comunicazione e diffusione è il Web. Questo cambiamento fondamentale nel modo in cui i turisti utilizzano il web sta avendo un impatto enorme sul turismo e sul mercato dei di viaggi online. Il turista scrive, opinioni, pubblica recensioni, condivide foto, persino la pianificazione di un viaggio viene fatta in condivisione. Realizzano proprio blog tematici e diventano così tutti turisti/utenti/navigatori che influenzano il modo di connettersi e interagire con i fornitori, prodotti e servizi e ne vengono a loro volta influenzati.

Esplodono siti Social Media in Viaggi: Nascono società di analisi del traffico delle attività delle OTA (Agenzia Viaggi On line). L e-tourism diventa una realtà in grado di influenzare masse di turisti nella scelta di consumo delle proprie vacanze.

L'impatto dei social media per le principali categorie di viaggi online delinea le implicazioni per le aziende turistiche che desiderano sfruttare le potenzialità di questa forma di comportamento estremamente dinamico del turista viaggiatore.

Saper valorizzare al meglio gli strumenti del Social Web è una chiave di successo sempre più importante per coloro che hanno bisogno di comprendere meglio i loro clienti e migliorare la loro capacità di connettersi con loro on-line. Essere presenti nel Web in modo strategico consente alle Istituzioni, Imprese, Alberghi, Adv, una notevole potenzialità che bisogna saper prendere al volo.

In questo mare di informazione non può mancare l'informazione turistica istituzionale, con il suo linguaggio, puntuale, veritiero ed imparziale. Già in Europa molti uffici di informazione ed accoglienza turistica “ Tourist Office “ hanno aperto pagine istituzionali su Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tripadvisor e similari. Siti che hanno decine di milioni di visitatori al giorno e che determinano quali opinion leader gli orientamenti e le opinioni dei consumatori.

L'impatto di informazione risulta essere notevole. Internet genera ed opera attraverso automatismi di straordinaria potenza ed efficacia, senza sosta, riposo e tregua. Un prezioso alleato sotto il profilo dell'informazione e della comunicazione. Attualmente si registra una efficacia nel networking, ossia su una straordinaria capacità di mettere in relazione professionalità con l'intento di condividere l'esperienza lavorativa. Il 2010 presumibilmente vedrà rafforzare questa tendenza.

La deduzione logica è che si tratta di uno strumento di straordinaria potenza comunicativa e di penetrazione nei mercati sotto il profilo della comunicazione e dell'informazione. Si riesce a contattare turisti/utenti/clienti laddove essi cercano le informazioni turistiche. Si interagisce con loro prima ancora che essi arrivino nella destinazione. Si crea affidabilità e si lascia intendere il grado di ospitalità ed accoglienza presenti nel territorio. Ospitalità ed accoglienza che potranno testare de visu una volta arrivati nello IAT a conoscere l'operatore o a ritirare il kit di vacanza. In tal maniera la “A” di Accoglienza diventa strategica, non mera accoglienza una volta arrivati in destinazione, ma accoglienza strategica “ a casa loro” in grado di orientare la scelta della vacanza e della destinazione finale.

Si tratta di vie innovative. Tutte in divenire. Tutte da verificare, ma di certo stanno riscrivendo la geografia dei palinsesti di comunicazione. Non solo TV, Radio, Stampa e riviste, ma Web, Networking, Pianificazione della Vacanza, fino all'organizzazione del Dynamic Packaging.

Inoltre si tenga presente che si tratta di un Utenza multi target e multi età, professionale, amatoriale, etc. altrimenti irraggiungibile, se non al prezzo di costi elevatissimi di pubblicità su reti nazionali o internazionali.

Si pone pertanto l'esigenza di essere presenti con le informazioni turistiche laddove i turisti/clienti le cercano in maniera organizzata e con il linguaggio multimediale tipico del web, al fine di poter incidere sulle leve motivazionali della scelta della destinazione e in sostanza muovere i loro orientamenti verso la destinazione di appartenenza.


All Rights Reserved ®©. Tutti i diritti sono riservati. L’uso e la riproduzione del testo o di parte di esso sono consentiti solo previa autorizzazione espressa da parte dell’autore. Per contatti


e-IAT: Tourist Information runs the Web 2.0 © ®

Every journey begins with Google. Most do not realize it but the first tourist information automatically assumes you are looking for Internet access. The importance of the instrument and the speed with which it spreads substantially altered the search mode of tourist information. But are we ready?

Internet in general and blogging in particular, have broadened the market of ideas in the global community. Encouraging discussion and collaboration, contributing to the rapid identification of situations that must be addressed in all sectors, including a substantial and irreversible in the tourism sector.

More generally, blogging and micro blogging is the next step in a process of enhancing information from radio to TV is moving to Internet services like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and similar.

The breadth and depth of the blogosphere provides, affordable, sophisticated tools for information and special experiences. Comments, follow-up, post and likes are designed to offer original ideas that must be refined and improved and are spreading throughout the world with astonishing speed. This gives a power to blogs and TV and Radio are not. A blogger can post a comment, a review of a post and, within minutes, hundreds of people can meet and share the same feeling or opinion.

All this converges in a new trend driven by the blogosphere: the globalization of freedom of speech, leading to a consumer / visitor more knowledgeable, more demanding, more informed, more pretentious. How to earn tourist flows with traditional blogs, how to say, how to inform, guide the choices of the tourists as free and spontaneous. Here's the challenge, without authority, without control of the media continue to grow beyond the reach of the boundaries of destinations and markets.

Arose in 1999 and assumed the Web have found the implementation of e-marketing principles summarized Cluetrain Manifesto, or 95 trying to revise the thesis that classical marketing to online marketing has been taken as new reference model for adapting the techniques of Web Sites . We report here briefly the main principles: "Historically, say the authors, the market was a place where people met and talked with each other (thesis 1): they could discuss the products available, price, reputation and this will kept in contact with others (theses 2-5). The authors then argue that the Internet provides a means for anyone connected to the Internet to be part of such a virtual market, and once again reach that level of communication between people. This, in the era of mass media, before the Internet was not possible (thesis 6).

Without entering into, and claims that everything will be different, you can certainly say that for some substantive changes to the conduct of Company / Consumer are already registered, this is also true for the tourism industry. Think of the revolution of low cost airlines and Check in at airports, which can be done easily by third-generation mobile phone, e-booking, e-ticketing, e-check-in procedures that are becoming increasingly common.

It follows therefore that the next generation of sites and blogs will be more focused interaction with users / customers / tourists. No information outright, flat, but interactive information with comments, post reviews and events and tourist services in real time, including the online booking and reporting of travel and holiday tourists from the user.

Phenomenon during the course of 2009 explodes with the rise of social media and Web 2.0 applications, which recorded an exponentially growing and unstoppable which continues for hundreds of millions of people. The rules of tourism marketing are being rewritten according to the new demands that this silent and spontaneous media revolution.

Relies on the tourism marketing for decades after that leverage both old and famous "4P" Product-Price-Promotion-marketing classic Positioning shifts his attention to English 4C customer value (customer value) cost- Communication-commodity (well wide and general consumption) to arrive today at 4C and two 2S as computer-communication-content-consumer-service-system approach to the new paradigm for Web 2.0 as recently presented at MIP University of Milan with Prof. Kotler and professor-guru Mr. Giuliano Noci (A. Kornfeind)

From a very early observation and analysis we can already say that the Social Web (Social Web) has moved the online experience from the search feature news from the consumer to create, connect and exchange information and experiences between users and between these institutions and with the company.

Yesterday tourists more passive interactive Web browsers now, and they spread generated content sites (UGC user generated content, eg. Tripadvisor)

The tourist has become a collaborator, commentator, reporter and holiday travel and its dissemination and communication tool is the Web This fundamental change in how visitors use the web is having a huge impact on tourism and travel market Online. The tourist writes reviews, public reviews, photo sharing, even planning a trip is made in sharing. They create their own blog topic and thus become all visitors / users / browsers that affect how to connect and interact with vendors, products and services and are themselves affected.

Social Media sites explode Travel company born of traffic analysis of the activities of the OTA (online travel agency). The e-tourism becomes a reality in a position to influence the masses of tourists in the choice of consumption of the holiday.

The impact of social media for the main categories of online travel outlines the implications for tourism companies wishing to exploit the potential of this form of highly dynamic behavior of the tourist traveler.

Knowing how to make the best tools of the Social Web is an increasingly important key to success for those who need to understand their customers better and improve their ability to connect with them online. Be present in the Web strategically helps institutions, businesses, hotels, Adv, a significant potential that we must be able to take flight.

In this sea of information can not miss the tourist information institution, with its language, timely, truthful and impartial. Even in Europe many information offices and tourist accommodation "Tourist Office" opened institutional pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tripadvisor and similar. Sites that have tens of millions of visitors a day and determine the guidelines and opinion leaders such as consumer reviews.

The impact of information appears to be considerable. Internet creates and operates through automation of extraordinary power and effectiveness, without a break, rest and respite. A valuable ally in terms of information and communication. Currently there is an efficiency in networking, namely on a extraordinary ability to relate professionally with the intent to share the experience. The year 2010 will likely reinforce this trend.

The logical deduction is that it is an instrument of extraordinary power to communicate and market penetration in terms of communication and information. You can contact visitors / users / customers when they seek tourist information. He interacts with them even before they arrive at the destination. It creates confidence and suggests the degree of hospitality and welcome in the area. Hospitality and welcome which will test visually once you know the IAT to the operator or withdraw kit holiday. In this way the "A" Home becomes strategic, not merely welcome upon arrival at destination, but the host strategic "at home" to guide the choice of vacation and your final destination.

This innovative ways. All in flux. All will be checked, but certainly they are rewriting the geography of communication schedules. Not just TV, Radio, Print and magazines, but the Web, Networking, Planning Vacation, organization of Dynamic Packaging.

Also please note that this is a multi-user and multi target age, professional, amateur, etc.. otherwise unattainable if not for the price of high costs of advertising on national or international networks.

There is therefore need to be present with the tourist information where tourists / customers seek in an organized manner and with the multimedia language typical of the web, in order to affect the motivational levers for the choice of destination and essentially move their guidance to the destination of belonging.


® © All Rights Reserved. The use and reproduction of text or part thereof is permitted only with express permission from the author. To contact omero.mariani @

Destination Manager
Dott. Omero Mariani

mercoledì 21 aprile 2010

Genuine Mummies in the Cript, Ferentillo Terni

Dear Friends and Followers,

I have the pleasure to showing You some pictures of the Mummies in Ferentillo, a small village near Terni, in the Valnerina Valley. Central Italy one and half hour from Rome.

These are naturally mummified bodies and process is due to a bacterium, which absorbs the water in the tissues of the bodies.

Enjoy the Video.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

sabato 20 febbraio 2010

f-re.e Munich, outlook

Dear Friends and Followers,

here a new short clip on 2010, just before opening the second day of fair.

As you see, people is coming in the Fair right now. At the end of the day is was a positive day.

Friendly Yours,

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

giovedì 18 febbraio 2010

FREE 2010 Munich Germany

Dear Friend and Followers,

this time I have the pleasure to introduce to You to the World of FREE 2010 (Freizeit, Reisen und Erholung Messe Muenchen) in Munich, the biggest travel fair here in Bavaria, South Germany.

You will read more comment on the video... to be continued -

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

martedì 16 febbraio 2010

Salon des Vacances 2010,

Dear Friends and Followers,

here a short videoclip on Salon des Vacances in Brussels: this Year a great success of pubblic

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

Branding an Event: Saint Valentine's Official Celebration

Dear Friends and Followers,

here we go, with branding an Event. In this case we try to build the indentity of the event. The concept is to link Saint Valentine to his birthplace and homeland. We take advantage from his celebration, which take place in Terni around the 14th February every Year. 48 days long of Events.

Moving from the concepto to mix the sacred and profane aspects the result is the brand that you see with the pastoral staff of Bishop Valentine, taken from the portrait of Renaissance Piermatteo D'Amelia shown in the picture.

We then joined the heart symbol of love for excellence you get the final result and the following brand

You can certainly recognise the Word " Amore " which means love, and the word " città " that means City.

In this way the final is Terni, City of Love, because birthplace of Saint Valentine and the beginning of all the Saint Valentine's Day's all over the world. Terni is the cradle of Love, and we hope to present it on the International Travel Markt as City of Love full of romance.

Keep in touch to be continued with the celebration

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

domenica 24 gennaio 2010


Dear Firends and Followers,

I am convinced that soon nothting in tourism and travel will be the same. This long crisis, low cost fare, technology, Social Media, User Generate Content are transforming the way of marketing.

Everything is moving. Personally we planned to attend as usual the International Fairs, scheduling Vakantiebeurs, Urecht, Salon des Vacances, Brussels, FREE, Munich, BIT Milan, ITB Berlin, and now after the first attendance we registred a drop of visitor in Utrecht, which is usually on of the Best fairs in the international panorama.

More than 14.000 vistor less than in 2009 seems to be the Fair's peformance.

This figures lead us to a reflection: are the fairs in crisis or is there still a crisis in the tourist market?

May be true that the new Technology threatens the traditional market and the old system of distribution made of: exhibition - travel organisers, travel agency, for the benefit if, internet - social media - user generated contents.

I think that it's too early to give an answer, I like to wait and see the result of the international fairs in the first half of the Year....

Further more, may be that I will change habitude to communicate, next I will write less and prompt more videos, videomarketing directly from my notebook, and you will tell me if this could bee usefull.

Freindly Yours,

Dr. Omero Mariani
Destination Manager