giovedì 28 gennaio 2010

Branding an Event: Saint Valentine's Official Celebration

Dear Friends and Followers,

here we go, with branding an Event. In this case we try to build the indentity of the event. The concept is to link Saint Valentine to his birthplace and homeland. We take advantage from his celebration, which take place in Terni around the 14th February every Year. 48 days long of Events.

Moving from the concepto to mix the sacred and profane aspects the result is the brand that you see with the pastoral staff of Bishop Valentine, taken from the portrait of Renaissance Piermatteo D'Amelia shown in the picture.

We then joined the heart symbol of love for excellence you get the final result and the following brand

You can certainly recognise the Word " Amore " which means love, and the word " città " that means City.

In this way the final is Terni, City of Love, because birthplace of Saint Valentine and the beginning of all the Saint Valentine's Day's all over the world. Terni is the cradle of Love, and we hope to present it on the International Travel Markt as City of Love full of romance.

Keep in touch to be continued with the celebration

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

domenica 24 gennaio 2010


Dear Firends and Followers,

I am convinced that soon nothting in tourism and travel will be the same. This long crisis, low cost fare, technology, Social Media, User Generate Content are transforming the way of marketing.

Everything is moving. Personally we planned to attend as usual the International Fairs, scheduling Vakantiebeurs, Urecht, Salon des Vacances, Brussels, FREE, Munich, BIT Milan, ITB Berlin, and now after the first attendance we registred a drop of visitor in Utrecht, which is usually on of the Best fairs in the international panorama.

More than 14.000 vistor less than in 2009 seems to be the Fair's peformance.

This figures lead us to a reflection: are the fairs in crisis or is there still a crisis in the tourist market?

May be true that the new Technology threatens the traditional market and the old system of distribution made of: exhibition - travel organisers, travel agency, for the benefit if, internet - social media - user generated contents.

I think that it's too early to give an answer, I like to wait and see the result of the international fairs in the first half of the Year....

Further more, may be that I will change habitude to communicate, next I will write less and prompt more videos, videomarketing directly from my notebook, and you will tell me if this could bee usefull.

Freindly Yours,

Dr. Omero Mariani
Destination Manager