venerdì 31 luglio 2009


Dear followers, Mercury's report 2009, deserves for explaining certain clichés and common mistakes that are very nice, but that should to a carefully approach towards the statistical analysis and synthesis.

1) France in not the first Country in Tourist Ranking !

UNWTO diffuses rankings that are calculated considering the transit of tourists at their borders. This means that even tourist moving by car towards Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Netherlands could be involved in their ranking. A more accurate analysis could be very usefull. It is easily understandable that the ranking made by this method of " borders " should be rewritten and that there will be some surprises in rankings.

2) World Economic Forum has its own ranking method and the result is undoubltely particular

Italy is 28° with 4.8 score, after Cyprus 4.87 score, Malta 4.86 score, Estonia 4.85 score and so on, ah by the way Switzerland is at the top with 5.63 score. Just a question, how may people are living in this country, how is the inbound travel sector, and what is the historical tourist appeal of this countries. Personally I don't know the method and I wonder who really knows it. I would like to have some more information before taking for granted rankings on which I will settle marketing actions. Think over !

3) Statistics in tourims are always calculated on what happened in the past: the previous year.

This is like moving step by step forwards, with your head turned backwards. Do you see ? Easily you can imagine, to edit marketing plans for the future based on previous trends. Do you think we will be able to match the needs of future. The expectations of tourists. May be but honestly speaking we should have more forecasting, more surveys on what will be happen, instead of what happened. Marketing Plans and Campaing could be more accurate and may be matching more the needs and expectation of tourists.


Destination Manager ( DMO's )
Dr. Omero Mariani

giovedì 30 luglio 2009

Google Research: Traveller's Road to Travel Decision

Crisis hits tourism less than expected -p1- (PPO)

Dear Follower, let me start with PPOs (Personal Professional Opinion)

As we know this is not a crisis in the tourism sector but the financial one: the crisis of creative finance and securitization banking.

Alongside this economic and financial crisis, is developing a new order of tourist supply, made up of new hotels to the detriment of the old ones, new forms of intermediation to the prejudice of those consolidated, new ways of marketing, made of GDS, Booking Engines, CRMS, DMS, social media tools and user generated contents: all this involve a new way of reallocation of tourist spending. (Have a look at the webinar video above of "Google research on traveller's road to travel decision" .)

The result is less business travel and stable leisure travel.

Besides this, the sector records new phenomena of tourism such as " second homes " holidays, i.e. second house property, more vacations by friends and relatives, but holidays anyway.

Tourism holds in Italy and by the end it is expected a decrease of -2 / 4%.

Further more, the italian classic destination, such as Cinque Terre, the Amalfi coast, Sardinia, Riviera del Conero, which have positive perfomances are increasing tourists, in contrast to the trend. We have to add that to the increse of tourist it does not correspond an increase in return because of discounts and promotional offers which include a fall in all prices. The ones who did the job honestly and accurately in the past are winning too in bad times, and who acted badly in past time will pay the bill today.

These seem to be the trends in Italian tourism for 2009.

According to Mercury's 16° Report of Italian Tourism, we got even a different geografy in hospitality industry between central-northern and southern Italy . Here we talk about hospitality and tourism which is not detected or registred by the official national statistic authorithy named ISTAT. According to this cases study, tourist spending their vacation in " second homes " are not registred by ISTAT's survery , this cause data loss in the count of official statistics. Taking this tourists into consideration south Itlay beocmes the first tourist destination of Italy turning upside down the ranking of official statistics.

Having new survey tools available, will allow to record this phenomenon will enable to have more precise data and idea about what is really going on.

I wonder if this outlook or phenomena analsys made for the Italian Tourist market could involve or be interesting even for other countries, I mean if trends and dynamics could be in some ways the same in Europe or all over the world.

... first part .... to be continued

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

lunedì 27 luglio 2009

Fake Review threaten UGC

UGSs jeopardised by fake review.

Let’s follow our first post and opinion on fake review in users generated content web site.
Starting from the power of confidence that this site have, they are perceived as very reliable by users, customer and tourist of course; simply for the fact that other people is wanting to share on web, their enthusiasm of their travel; posting opinions, recommendation, photos and may be videos.
In marketing the phenomenon is know as “air marketing” i.e. one to one word, mouth of mouth communication, but nowadays this phenomenon has become more diffused and more popular, thanks social media tools and networks, one of these is the UGCs.

Focusing on the deep reasons, we surely know from statistics, that in the past tourists have always considered friends’ experiences as the best source of information. On average, the experience of friends, affects more than 60% on motivations of travel choices by a potential tourist.
In front of a tourist made review , they feel more at ease and then tend to considers the information more accurate and reliable.
Reliability, Truth, Accuracy and “lack of ulterior motives” are the success of this kind of information.
So it is easily understandable, as the dissemination of fake reviews, is perceived as a threat to the reliability from users and UGCs webmaster. From here the salutary admonition of Tripadvisor.

It is my personal opinion that tourist information should be accurate, true, clear and easily understandable, without fraud, manipulation, ulterior motives etc., all the more so in a site made by and for users themselves. This is not the only parameter of success of the site but also the fundamental and logical step to develop business.

This is the only way…others are false steps.

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

sabato 25 luglio 2009

Fake Reviews, Achilles heel of Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor put red warnings on hotel pages with fake review to avoid the collapse of trust.

A forced countermesure for skip out distrust of users.

But let us explain our opnion from the beginning.

One of the most important web 2.0 tools in tourism are the new users genereated contents UGCs, such as for instance Tripadvisor, Tripatlas, Triponia, Tripwolf. Tripadvisor is the leader of these websites, and boast more than 25 milion reviews.

All these are more or less the same kind of websites, made by the review of customer, i.e users of the facilities and locations in which thew spent their vacation. Users can post in a social networking way, posts, opnion, report their experience, post photos and videos, and more. A very intersting idea at the begininning, and even me used it for the search of a restaurant in Amsterdam. An Air marketing tool, a mouth to mouth, advertising, very usefull because percieved as trustful by turist and users.

But what happenend.

In the short time users had a plain dealing, and I am convinced that mostly still do, but, someone thought to take advantge of this good faith and started to post own review to boost image, opnion, and sales.

This incorrect dealing, forced Tripadvisor to put a red warnings on the pages of the unfair users, so long as the incorrect dealing lasts out.

... part one ... to be continued ....

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

sabato 18 luglio 2009

ITALIA 's new travel portal

" Italia " a magic new Portal.

Finally we got a Magic Portal of Italian's Tourist Supply.

A new website with many tools and issues of Italian travel and tourism and next even Travel 2.0 tools and Media Networks. Very interesting the Review " Magic Italy " on English full of italian typical issues

At the Moment you can enjoy many regional videos, great variety of Italy's Destination, Amenities, Spots, e many many tools, even an execptional virtual tour and many usefull links.

Great Job !!

For more infos Italia

martedì 14 luglio 2009

Travel 2.0 new website of Austria

Dear Friends,

more than many words, have a look at Austria's new website, web 2.0 evolution, in my opinion a great tool of information, technology, tourism and destination marketing.

Geniuos the three click theory: discover, plan, search&book

Here follows the video cilp made for Youtube:

have a look at and leave your opinion.

Destination Manager
Omero Mariani

venerdì 10 luglio 2009

Standing Flight, funny idea or new challenge

Have look at the poll on Ryanair web site, they are asking customers if they agree on "standing flights" free of charge or at a discount of -50%.
Funny idea, or a new way to break habitudes. Ryanair revolution is going to repeat its perfomance.
Here the comment of Ryanair’s Stephen McNamara:

“Ryanair carries more international passengers than any other airline. Train, bus and underground commuters often stand for hours each day yet pay the same fare as those who get a seat. Ryanair passengers who are willing to stand on our one hour fights should be able to fly for free. Ryanair is asking passengers to take part in our online poll which will gauge passenger demand for free flights in our ‘vertical seating’ cabin.”

Here some more information: Ryanair

Destination Manager
Dr. Omero Mariani

mercoledì 8 luglio 2009

Pressrelease in Germany, no problem anymore

An unbelivable Travel 2.0 tool for the German Market.

More than 400 Media in three clicks far from You. This is the occasion to comunicate your product on the German market within a reasonable price.

How ? Get a look at the Travel Press Office travelpressoffice which is wanting to introduce to you a new online media tool as press distribution service for the travel and tourism industry.

In my opinion I will try it and see what is coming out.

God Job to All

Destination Manager
D. Omero Mariani

sabato 4 luglio 2009

Tourism Recovery only in 2010

The negative trend in international tourism that emerged during the second half of 2008 intensified in 2009.

In view of the rapidly deteriorating global economic situation, economic growth prospects have repeatedly been adjusted downwards over the past six months. While at the time of the previous UNWTO forecast in January, the International Monetary Fund was still counting on positive growth over 2% for the world economy in 2009, a decline of 1.3% is now expected.

Tourism is seriously impacted, given the sharp reduction in business activity, decreasing disposable income and associated increased unemployment, particularly in key tourism source markets. Exchange rate fluctuations have added to the general uncertainty and business and consumer confidence have yet to recover. Furthermore, the level of advanced bookings, coupled with the reduction in airline capacity, make recovery before 2010 difficult.

There is additional uncertainty regarding the future of the influenza A(H1N1) virus and its effect on demand in the short to medium term. It should be stressed, however, that at the moment no restrictions on international travel are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Taking account of the results for the first four months of the year and the current conditions, worldwide growth in international tourist arrivals is expected to end up between -6% and -4% for the full year. The pace of decline is expected to soften in the remainder of the year, with the months May-August projected at between -6% and -4%, and September-December between -5% and -3%.

(extract by UNWTO barometer)

Destination Manager
Omero Mariani

venerdì 3 luglio 2009

Proximity Marketing in Toursim? A new fronteer

Proximity Marketing in Toursim? Maybe

Bluetooth, toothing a simply tool on your handy that will transforme your device in a marketing gun.

Have You ever thought to send in a range of 10-50-100 metres a short message, video or audio file as a promotional ad to a potential customer. With no cost at all.

Now this will be possible with bluetooth technology.

A new software on your handyphone or nootebook or other device which support bluetooth can allow You to send short messages to people who are in the halo of your bluetooth.

This phenomenon goes under the name of Proximity Marketing.

I will try this new tool next, maybe during an international Fair to invite people to my booth for a gadget.

I will keep You informed... to be continued -

DM Omero Mariani

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